Wheldale Heights care home in Castleford

Wheldale Heights, part of Exemplar Health Care, is a nursing home in Castleford that supports adults living with complex and high acuity needs. 

Wheldale Heights Castleford

Making every day better for adults living with complex and high acuity needs www.exemplarhc.com

My husband who has Huntington’s disease was one of the first residents at Wheldale Heights. From day one his presentation has greatly improved, he’s more trusting of staff than previously and allows them to aid him in all aspects of his daily routine and personal care. For the first time in a long time, I feel able to trust someone else to care for him. Relative of Wheldale Heights resident

Welcome to Wheldale Heights

Wheldale Heights is an Exemplar Health Care home that supports adults living with complex and high acuity needs. Our mission is to make every day better for the people we support. Our Nurse-led team provides person-centred nursing care that focuses on maximising independence and building everyday living skills. We aim to empower people to live fulfilled lives. The home has two small units which supports adults living with complex dementia including early onset dementia and mixed physical health needs including brain injuries, motor neurone disease and physical disabilities. We support people on their journey from being in hospital or living in a secure setting to community based living. We also offer longer term support for people living with degenerative or life limiting illnesses. Our home is at the heart of the local community which means that people can access the care they need whilst remaining close to their loved ones.

Life at Wheldale Heights We all want to spend time doing the things we love best. So that’s what we aim to give the people we support at Wheldale Heights. Daily life is all about choice. Everything we do is personalised to the individuals we support. Together with loved ones and professionals, we design a care plan, tailored to individual needs and goals. We encourage the people we support to continue to do the things they enjoy. We enable them to learn, volunteer and find new hobbies too if they wish. Our dedicated Activities Team supports meaningful one-to-one activities, as well as group sessions and events.

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Our care at Wheldale Heights • Dementia including early onset dementia • Motor neurone disease

• Neuro-disabilities • Physical disabilities

Contact Wheldale Heights Wheldale Heights, Wheldon Road,

Castleford, WS10 2PY T: 01977 367800

Make a referral: T: 01709 565777 E: referrals@exemplarhc.com

About our home We provide a supportive environment at Wheldale Heights. People get the care they need, and are able to stay closer to their loved ones. Wheldale Heights has 24 bedrooms, each with an en-suite, across two units. With this small group living, we’re able to provide a homely and supportive environment that’s more responsive to individual needs. The home has communal dining and living spaces, a therapy room, multi-faith room, beauty salon and a large accessible garden. Each unit has a sensory bathroom designed to provide a calming and relaxing experience. We offer a range of accessible baths and showers for a range of mobility and sensory needs. To enhance the experience, people can play music through the Bluetooth wireless system and change the colour mood lighting.

Lynx Unit Lynx Unit supports those who are assigned male at birth living with dementia and other neurological conditions. Orion Unit Orion Unit supports adults living with mixed physical health needs including brain injuries, dementia and neuro-disabilities including Huntington’s disease and motor neurone disease.

Our holistic approach to care

Our holistic approach to care means people get the right care from the right team, at the right time, first time round. With this approach, we aim to stop the cycle of failed placements. Wheldale Heights offers holistic care in a community-based home, close to friends and family. The home has a trained team of Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Activities/Life Skills Coordinators, as well as an in-house Therapy Team. Residents at Wheldale Heights also have the support of

Exemplar Health Care clinical experts, our Behaviour Support Team and a Consultant Psychiatrist in times of crisis.

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Our high staffing levels allow us to build trust and work at the pace of the individual, which leads to improved person- centred and longer term outcomes.

Our referrals process

We work closely with individuals and professionals throughout the referral, assessment, transition and admission process to ensure that we’re right for the individual and that the individual is right for our home. Once we agree a placement for an individual, we work with them, their family, commissioners and clinicians to agree their goals and length of stay. Our detailed costing report outlines the support required to enable people to achieve their goals. Our approach reduces readmissions to acute settings, facilitates faster returns to lower cost community living and brings any cycle of failed placements to an end.

Contact our Referrals Team to find the right home

Care needs and community fit assessment

Agree placement and care plan

Formal report and costings

Regular care plan and costing reviews

Discharge and pathway planning

About Exemplar Health Care Exemplar Health Care is one of the country’s leading nursing care providers for adults living with complex and high acuity needs. We have homes across England that provide welcoming and supportive environments where people can achieve their goals, feel at home and remain closer to loved ones. Visit our website to find other care homes: www.exemplarhc.com


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Get in touch Contact us today to make a referral. Wheldale Heights, Wheldon Road, Castleford, WF10 2PY Home number: 01977 367800 Make a referral: 01709 565777 or referrals@exemplarhc.com www.exemplarhc.com

Last updated: January 2024

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