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Wheldale Heights Castleford Specialist nursing care for adults living

with complex and high acuity needs www.exemplarhc.com

“We’re proud to bring this one of a kind facility to Castleford. Wheldale Heights will enable local adults living with complex needs to receive specialist nursing care closer to home.” Charlotte Lloyd, Director of Commissioning, Exemplar Health Care

Welcome to Wheldale Heights Wheldale Heights is an Exemplar Health Care specialist nursing home that will open in Spring 2023. The home will provide specialist nursing care for adults living with a range of complex and high acuity care needs. The construction of the home started in Summer 2022 by contractor Walter Thompson. The home is due to be completed in Spring 2023. Once completed, Wheldale Heights will have 24 large adapted bedrooms - each with an en-suite wet room - spread over two units. The home will support adults living with complex mental health needs, dementia, neuro-disabilities and physical disabilities. When open, Wheldale Heights will have an in-house multidisciplinary team of Health Care Assistants, Registered Nurses, Life Skills Facilitators, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Our holistic approach to care means that people get the right care from the right team, at the right time, first time round. With this approach, we aim to stop the cycle of failed placements. If you’re looking for a complex care placement, please get in touch.

About Wheldale Heights Wheldale Heights will provide a supportive environment in which people can get the specialist nursing care they need and be able to stay closer to their loved ones. The home will have 24 large bedrooms, each with an en-suite, across two units. With this small group living, we’ve found we’re able to provide a homely and supportive environment that’s more responsive to individual needs. The home will have a communal dining and living spaces, an activities hub and an accessible sensory garden.

Wheldale Heights Specialist nursing care • Behaviours of concern • Brain injuries and strokes • Complex mental health needs

• Neuro-disabilities • Physical disabilities

Contact Wheldale Heights Wheldale Heights, Wheldon Road, Ferry Fryston,

Castleford, WF10 2PY

Get in touch with our Referrals Team T: 01709 565 777 E: referrals@exemplarhc.com

Our holistic approach to care

Our holistic approach to care means people get the right care from the right team, at the right time, first time round. With this approach, we aim to stop the cycle of failed placements.

When open, Wheldale Heights will offer holistic care in a community based home, close to friends and family. The home will have a dedicated and trained team of Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Activities/Life Skills Coordinators, as well as an in-house Therapy Team. Residents at Wheldale Heights will have the support of Exemplar Health Care clinical experts, including Behaviour Support Specialists and a Consultant Psychiatrist in times of crisis. Our high staffing levels will allow us to build trust and work at the pace of the individual, which leads to improved person-centred and longer term outcomes.

Our referrals process

Once we agree a placement for an individual, we work with them, their family, commissioners and clinicians to agree their goals and length of stay. With our cost-per-care pricing approach, we’re able to set out the support required to enable people to achieve their goals. Our approach reduces readmissions to acute settings, facilitates faster returns to lower cost community living and brings any cycle of failed placements to an end.

We work closely with individuals and professionals throughout the referral, assessment, transition and admission process to ensure that we’re right for the individual and that the individual is right for our home.

Contact our Referrals Team to find the right home

Care needs and community fit assessment

Formal report and costings

Discharge and pathway planning

Regular care plan and costing reviews

Agree placement and care plan

Bedroom with En-Suite

Look inside Wheldale Heights

Assisted Bathroom

Dining Room

Therapy Room


For more information, visit www.exemplarhc.com/care-homes/wheldale-heights

Linda’s story

Linda moved into Tyne Grange in December 2020 following a stay in hospital, and later a rehabilitation centre. Linda was admitted to hospital with autoimmune encephalitis and chronic hypersensitivity

pneumonitis, resulting in significant communication and memory problems and behaviours of concern. With 1:1 support from our Care Team, and input from our Life Skills Team, Linda now enjoys a good quality life. Our high staffing levels have enabled Linda to progress at her own pace and build trust with the Care Team. This has reduced the number of instances of behaviours of concern by over 95%. Since moving to Tyne Grange, Linda has explored a variety of activities and interests – she’s made decorations to personalise her room, baked cakes for the home and started a knitting club with other residents. Linda shared: “I love living here – they’re so lovely.”

About Exemplar Health Care Exemplar Health Care is a leading provider of specialist nursing care for adults living with a range of complex and high acuity needs. We have over 35 homes across Yorkshire, the Midlands, the North East and North West of England. We provide welcoming and supportive environments where people can achieve their goals, feel at home and remain closer to loved ones. Visit our website to find other care homes: www.exemplarhc.com


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Get in touch Contact our Referrals Team Make a referral: 01709 565 777 or referrals@exemplarhc.com www.exemplarhc.com

Wheldale Heights, Wheldon Road, Ferry Fryston, Castleford, WF10 2PY

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