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Our new complex needs care home, Woolston House, will open in 2023 and will provide care for adults living with a range of complex and high acuity care needs.

Opening Spring 2023

Woolston House Warrington Specialist nursing care for adults living

with complex and high acuity needs www.exemplarhc.com

“We’re proud to bring this one of a kind facility to Warrington. Woolston House will enable local adults living with complex needs to receive specialist nursing care closer to home.” Charlotte Lloyd, Director of Commissioning, Exemplar Health Care

Welcome to Woolston House

Woolston House is an Exemplar Health Care specialist nursing home that will open in Spring 2023. The home will provide specialist nursing care for adults living with a range of complex and high acuity care needs. The refurbishment of the home started in February 2022 by contractor Pacy & Wheatley. The home is due to be completed in Spring 2023. Once completed, Woolston House will have 40 large adapted bedrooms – each with an en-suite wet room - spread over four units. The home will support adults living with complex mental health needs, dementia, neuro-disabilities and physical disabilities. When open, Woolston House will have an in-house multidisciplinary team of Health Care Assistants, Registered Nurses, Life Skills Facilitators, Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists. Our holistic approach to care means that people get the right care from the right team, at the right time, first time round. With this approach, we aim to stop the cycle of failed placements. If you’re looking for a complex care placement in the Warrington area, please get in touch.

FFW 01

FFW 02

FFW 03

FFW 04

FFD 02

Female Staff Changing

FFD 01

Staff Lounge/Kitchen 40m2

FFD 03

About Woolston House We’ll provide a supportive environment at Woolston House. People will get the specialist nursing care they need, and are able to stay closer to their loved ones. Woolston House will have 40 large bedrooms, each with an en-suite, across four units. With this small group living, we’ve found we’re able to provide a homely and supportive environment that’s more responsive to individual needs. The home will have a communal dining and living spaces, an activities hub and an accessible sensory garden. The hub will be available to local charities and groups, to encourage community engagement in the home.

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Male Staff Changing

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FFD 08

FFD 07

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GFW 01

GFW 02

GFW 03

GFW 05

GFD 138

GFW 06

GFW 09

GFW 10

GFW 13

GFW 11

GFW 12

GFW 07

GFW 08

GFD 07

Bedroom 7 Approx Area: 16.7m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 4 Approx Area: 16m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 5 Approx Area: 16.18m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 6 Approx Area: 16.6m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Kitchen/Dining 33.39m2

Lounge 31.9m2


1550mm Single Bed

GFD 12

GFD 11

GFD 04

GFD 08

GFD 05

GFD 01

GFD 09

GFD 06

GFD 03

GFD 02

Unit 1- 13 beds

GFD 10

GFD 129

GFD 128

GFD 118

GFD 127

GFD 135

GFD 134

GFD 130

GFD 121

GFD 120


Assisted WC

GFD 122

GFD 133

GFD 126

GFD 125


Bedroom 2 Approx Area: 16.3m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 1 Approx Area: 16.5m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 3 Approx Area: 25.5m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

GFD 119

GFD 132

GFD 113

Quiet Lounge 17.6m2

Belfast Sink (W600 D460)

GFD 131


GFD 112

500x1000mm base unit (lockable) 300x1000mm wall unit (lockable)

GFW 72

GFW 68

GFD 124

GFW 69

SS inset basin sink with one tap hole in worktop

GFW 67

GFW 66

GFW 65

Assisted Bathroom 17.9m2

New Access to First Floor Areas

Existing Door closed off

GFW 64

GFW 70

GFW 76

GFW 75

GFW 74

GFW 73

Nurses Room

GFD 108

GFW 63

GFD 107

Entrance Unit 1

GFD 106

GFD 105

GFD 104

Comms Cup'd

A201 H

800x600x42U Comms Cabinet

H - 1771mm W - 790mm D - 965mm Tumble Dryer

H - 1771mm W - 790mm D - 965mm Tumble Dryer

Laundry 37.93m2

GFW 62

GFW 61

GFW 60



IMPORTANT NOTE: The information contained in this document represents the Architectural element forming part of a Tender Package illustrating the Employers Requirements for a project to be procured under a Design and Build form of Contract and should be read in conjunction with all associated tender information. As such, the information included within the Tender Package is necessarily NOT exhaustive rather it is intended to form the indicative basis from which Tenderers develop their understanding of the work required, including any aspects still to be designed and to which they may be able to bring added value, efficiencies or cost savings through their own operations, experience or supply chain in accordance with a Design and Build procurement route. In order to develop a comprehensive Tender submission, it is recommended that Tenderers fully satisfy themselves

regarding all aspects of the proposed works including, but not limited to, the existing site conditions such as any existing development, services, easements, statutory requirements, other restrictions etc plus the Tenderers approach to any outstanding elements of design/contractor design input. Tenderers are required to ascertain the nature of the site, access thereto and all local conditions and restrictions likely to affect the execution of the contract works to include an inspection of any existing development/installations relevant to the works and study any existing relevant records. No claims will be allowed after submission of a tender for lack of information or other reasons which could have been resolved by a visit to the site. Woolston House Specialist nursing care

Prior to completion of the Tender Period, it is recommended that Tenderers have satisfied themselves they have developed their understanding of the proposed works in sufficient detail to enable them to create fully comprehensive Contractor Proposals covering not only the Employers Requirements, but also all aspects still to be designed or not described in the Employers Requirements and any other outstanding aspects of the project not included within the Tender Package. • Behaviours of concern • Brain injuries and stroke • Complex mental health needs


GFW 22

GFD 142

GFD 22

GFW 21

GFD 21

Bedroom 9 Approx Area: 17.3m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)


GFD 19

GFD 20

GFW 23

GFD 23

GFW 20

• Neuro-disabilities • Physical disabilities

GFD 24

GFW 24

Bedroom 8 Approx Area: 16.7m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

GFW 28

GFD 25

GFW 27

GFW 29

GFW 19

GFW 25

GFW 26

GFD 26

GFW 15

GFW 16

GFW 18

GFW 14

GFW 17

Bedroom 7 Approx Area: 16.98m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 6 Approx Area: 16m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

GFD 28

Bedroom 8 Approx Area: 15.61m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 9 Approx Area: 15.58m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

GFD 31

Assisted Bathroom 14.5m2


GFW 30

GFD 29

GFD 32

GFD 27

GFD 15

GFD 16

GFD 14

GFD 17

GFD 30

GFD 33


GFD 13

GFD 18

Bedroom 5 Approx Area: 16.9m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

GFD 90

GFD 91

GFD 116

GFD 115

GFD 89

GFD 117

GFD 92

GFD 114

GFW 31



Bedroom 13 Approx Area: 15.25m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 12 Approx Area: 15.25m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 11 Approx Area: 17m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 10 Approx Area: 18.4m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)


GFD 34

GFD 93

GFD 35

GFW 77

GFW 79

GFD 94

GFW 78

GFW 86

GFW 87

GFW 88

GFW 114

GFW 115

GFW 89

Drugs Room

GFW 101

GFD 96

GFW 80

GFW 85

GFW 90

GFD 95

Bedroom 11 Approx Area: 15.54m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

GFW 32

GFD 111

GFW 91

Bedroom 10 Approx Area: 18m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)





GFD 110

GFD 36

GFD 97


GFD 37

GFD 88

GFW 33

GFW 100

GFW 84

Bedroom 4 Approx Area: 15.8m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

AR MF AR MF Contact Woolston House Woolston House, Long Barn Lane, Woolston, Warrington, WA1 4QB FIRST ISSUE AMENDMENTS DRNCKD DRAFT TENDER ISSUE Door codes amended AR MF AR MF Updated following updated survey GFW108 Omitted & GFD140 Added WT MF WT MF 142mm Partition Added OH MF TENDER ISSUE

GFD 109

GFW 82

GFD 87

GFW 92

Consult Room

Cleaners Cupboard

GFW 93

GFW 83

GFW 99


GFW 94


GFW 81

GFW 98

GFW 97

GFW 96

GFW 95

GFW 34

Drugs Cup'd

GFD 137

GFD 38

GFD 86


GFD 100

GFD 98

GFW 35

Bedroom 13 Approx Area: 15.45m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)

Bedroom 12 Approx Area: 15.7m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)


GFD 85

Nurses Room

GFW 36

GFD 102

GFD 101

GFD 103

GFD 99

F A201

GFD 75

GFD 71

GFD 70

GFD 78

GFD 76

Unit 2 - 13 beds

Kitchen/Dining 34.3m2

GFD 84

Entrance Unit 2 GFD 79

CHD Office

CNM Office

GFD 39

GFW 37


GFD 68

GFD 72

500x1000mm base unit (lockable) 300x1000mm wall unit (lockable)

SK0 21.09.21 T0 08.10.21 T1 12.10.21 T2 19.10.21 T3 27.10.21 T4 29.10.21 T5 16.11.21

Admin Office

GFD 69

GFD 74

GFW 38

Consult Room

Drugs Room

Assisted WC

Sluice SS inset basin sink with one tap hole in worktop


GFD 73

GFD 136

GFD 77

GFW 59

GFW 58

GFW 57

GFD 82


Disinfector CD2 ST (W435 D660 H910)



GFW 112

GFD 83


GFD 80

GFD 81

GFW 40

GFW 102

GFW 103

GFW 104


GFW 111


Storm Lobby

GFD 65


GFW 105

GFW 56



Quiet Lounge 23.1m2

Bedroom 3 Approx Area: 15.25m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)


GFD 63

GFW 41


GFD 64

GFW 113

GFW 55

GFD 40

GFD 41

GFD 66

GFD 67

HUB 55m2

EXEMPLAR HEALTHCARE Get in touch with our Referrals Team T: 01709 565 777 E: referrals@exemplarhc.com HEATHERCROFT WARRINGTON

GFW 112

GFW 109

GFW 110

GFD 140

GFW 106

GFW 42


GFW 107

GFD 62

GFW 54

GFD 61

Therapy Room 19.7m2

GFD 48

Hair Salon 19.5m2

GFD 42

GFD 60

Lounge 43.7m2

GFD 47

Bedroom 2 Approx Area: 17.6m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)


GFW 43

GFD 59

GFD 43

GFD 58

GFW 53

GFD 46

GFD 57

GFD 139

Bedroom 1 Approx Area: 16.6m2 (excl. door swing & en-suite)


GFD 45

Sensory Room 12.2m2

GFW 48


GFD 56


GFW 49

GFW 44


GFW 46

GFD 141

GFD 44

GFW 50

A201 I

GFD 55

Kitchen Staff Changing

GFW 51

GFD 50

GFD 143




J A201

GFD 54

6615 A103


GFW 45

GFD 53


GFD 52




GFD 49


SEPT'21 1:100

GFD 51

GFW 52


Our holistic approach to care

Our holistic approach to care means people get the right care from the right team, at the right time, first time round. With this approach, we aim to stop the cycle of failed placements.

When open, Woolston House will offer holistic care in a community based home, close to friends and family. The home will have a dedicated and trained team of Registered Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Activities/Life Skills Coordinators, as well as an in-house Therapy Team. Residents at Woolston House will have the support of Exemplar Health Care clinical experts, including Behaviour Support Specialists and a Consultant Psychiatrist in times of crisis. Our high staffing levels allow us to build trust and work at the pace of the individual, which leads to improved person-centred and longer term outcomes

Our referrals process

Once we agree a placement for an individual, we work with them, their family, commissioners and clinicians to agree their goals and length of stay. With our cost-per-care pricing approach, we’re able to set out the support required to enable people to achieve their goals. Our approach reduces readmissions to acute settings, facilitates faster returns to lower cost community living and brings any cycle of failed placements to an end.

We work closely with individuals and professionals throughout the referral, assessment, transition and admission process to ensure that we’re right for the individual and that the individual is right for our home.

Contact our Referrals Team to find the right home

Care needs and community fit assessment

Formal report and costings

Discharge and pathway planning

Regular care plan and costing reviews

Agree placement and care plan

Watch a video tour

Look inside Woolston House. To see a full video tour of the home, visit www.exemplarhc.com/care-homes/woolston-house

Desmond’s story Marmaduke

Desmond moved into Marmaduke in Hull following a failed placement at another care home. Desmond often displays behaviours of concern which can appear sudden and aggressive. The trained team at Marmaduke use a positive behaviour support approach when supporting Desmond. Through this approach, Desmond’s quality of life has improved since moving to Marmaduke.

Previously described as an ‘observer’, Desmond enjoys a range of activities in the home. He loves gardening and has used his skills as an ex-decorator to paint gnomes and bird boxes for the garden. Within months of moving to Marmaduke, Desmond’s family shared: “I would just like to say that it’s a pleasure coming to visit and you really do keep us well informed. I just love looking at the pictures you send us of Dad enjoying the activities.”

About Exemplar Health Care Exemplar Health Care is a leading provider of specialist nursing care for adults living with a range of complex and high acuity needs. We have homes across Yorkshire, the Midlands, the North East and North West of England. We provide welcoming and supportive environments where people can achieve their goals, feel at home and remain closer to loved ones. Visit our website to find other care homes: www.exemplarhc.com







Get in touch Contact our Referrals Team Make a referral: 01709 565 777 or referrals@exemplarhc.com www.exemplarhc.com

Woolston House, Long Barn Lane, Woolston, Warrington, WA1 4QB

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